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From startupper to investors, Mrs. Mariarita Constanza, talks about his experience in Italy Shark Tank and the future of startup in which he has invested

Hear the phone the voice of those who have seen and heard up to a few seconds before only on television is unsettling. “Hello, I am Mariarita Constanza.” In our report cards we have defined the revelation of the first edition of Shark Tank Italy. His determination and his energy fair southern woman, successful businesswoman, and ‘shark’ lent to the world of venture capital television, goes to the iPhone headphones as the telescreen.

Shortly after laure in electrical engineering in 2001 has sent resumes to several multinationals. “It was the classic die.” But her husband Nicola Lavenuta confronts it: “why do not we create our own company.” Those were the years of the first wave of digital economy. She was released from the University of Bari with a thesis on messaging systems on mobile. He thought about a career in a big company ITC, but has accepted the challenge of her husband. And they have won together. 43, Gravina in Puglia, southern Italy,  knows the effort and the passion of those who want to launch a business. Especially in the south. Even his Macnil was a startup. Today it is the leading company in Italy for satellite tracking. She founded with her husband in 2002. Things were going well. Then in 2013 she was a guest of Porta a Porta as a success story of innovative Italian company. And it is after that television format that were born the first contacts with the Zucchetti Group, which then led to the acquisition of its Macnil. As founder of a startup to startup in funder for Shark Tank. All cable. With the other sharks will create an investment fund specifically to enable companies to grow really. It will be called Shark Bite, and will be chaired by Fabio Cannavale. Here are the details.

Women in business in the star of a successful television format. How were you to do Shark Tank?

For me it was a completely new experience. I used to sit in my office, doing research projects for our services. Then I found myself evaluating business proposals in three minutes in areas as diverse from mine. I had to wander in areas diametrically opposed and I liked it so much. I relived what I experienced myself 15 years ago. Then there were the venture. It was in the bank. I remember vividly the day when we went to the branch manager to tell our business. It was the same feeling and it was wonderful. Today I am happy to help other kids to create a company, relive a bit ‘in their enthusiasm.

Because production has contacted her?

I wondered, too! In February, he got a call in the company in which they called me. They were looking for an entrepreneur woman for transmission. They told me that they had looked everywhere Italian entrepreneurs successful. They found one of my interview aired on Doorstep. The editors of Bruno Vespa had contacted to an episode in which he began to cofronto Italy that goes and that of crisis. I represented Italy that worked. This interview appears to have been very convincing. Why, Shark Tank in part, was the one that led a few months after my company to be acquired by the Group Zucchetti.

What motivated you to accept?

I had no idea what would happen. I did it out of curiosity. We do not hide that we have faced in the company and we decided together. We recorded every weekend in March to record in transmission with fast pace. I had to tear myself away projects and dedicate myself to this new experience. It was not easy but I had fun.

What will happen now to the startup in which you have invested?

We are already working on their future. In broadcast television it shows only the appearance, but now we are meeting all the founder for the due diligence. We will evaluate the cases, the numbers, where there is the product and where not. If the product but there really is only a little more than we will discard the idea. Now let’s really the practical, concrete, to choose which projects to grow. But we are at the beginning.

You have created ad-hoc investment instruments?

Yes we realize a fund in which we will all be involved and invest together because each of us can do something in terms of economic strength and know-how.

Look for other investors that will support the growth of these companies?

Yes we are willing to open the bottom of new investors, but the establishment of the fund and how it is a subject on which we have not yet made the final decision. Are activities that we are evaluating.

They were provided for 6 episodes, it went on the air 3. Easy to think that there are other companies that have invested but did not go on TV.

We actually recorded pitch, not betting. Around seventy pitch (airing went 40, ed). Yes we still invested in more startups than those aired. How many more? Not many, most have gone on TV. But even with those who did not go on the air we will do the due diligence. It was a program, yes, but investment is serious stuff.

Source: Startup Italy

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