GT Smart

Security, Mobility, Automotive, Roads, Telematics

GT Smart

The integrated software platform for the Safe and Connected Mobility of Vehicles and Drivers

A complete and innovative integrated software platform ideal for car manufacturers, dealers, workshops, installers, insurance companies, car rentals and many other players in the Automotive sector.

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Gt Smart
Gt Smart
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Thanks to a dedicated App, the system offers high H24 security for vehicles and drivers (S-SECURITY), allowing efficient management of mobile payments (M-MOBILITY) and connecting vehicles with advanced digital services for drivers and retailers (A-AUTOMOTIVE).

The R-ROAD component of the platform allows a complete and intuitive management of the vehicle, with the possibility of control via smartphone. Thanks to the T-TELEMATICS component, the data collected by the vehicles are processed efficiently and made available to all stakeholders, allowing a complete and detailed view of the performance of the vehicles and related operations.

The ideal solution for all players in the Automotive sector

This solution offers benefits such as increased safety and control over vehicles, simplified operations for private users and businesses, improved efficiency and communication between all stakeholders.

Thanks to the integration of advanced digital services, the platform can drive the digital transformation of the automotive sector, improving the customer experience and increasing the competitiveness of the companies that use it.

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Solar Panels

In the project of the new headquarters, we made a conscious and important decision for the future of the company and the environment: we implemented a system of 1400 m2 of photovoltaic panels.

An eco-sustainable choice allows us to achieve a good level of energy independence and to play an active part in the promotion of the environmental sustainability.

Photovoltaic panels generate up to 200kWp of clean energy, reducing harmful emissions and environmental impact.

We strongly believe in the balance between technological innovation and environmental responsibility, and for this reason we have chosen to be a cutting-edge technological hub, committed to finding sustainable solutions for a better future.

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