Secure Safe Apulia

Research Project | Cybersecurity in the Automotive Industry

Secure Safe Apulia

Implement methods and tools for the management of everyday cyber risks

Secur Safe Apulia is the result of a synergy between public and private for the development of a cybersecurity project. The project, funded by the Puglia Region, is the flagship of the Apulian IT Production District and is led by Exprivia SpA.

The collaboration involves four companiesMACNIL, OPENWORK, SYSMAN, EUSOFT – and three academic institutions from Puglia – the University of Bari, the Polytechnic of Bari and the University of Salento. In a context where cyber threats can have real impacts and affect the lives of citizens, the security of infrastructures and systems is a key priority.

Secure Safe Apulia
Secure Safe Apulia
Secure Safe Apulia
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Secure Safe Apulia aims to face this challenge through the implementation of methods, techniques and tools that allow cyber-physical risk management.

The project is based on three key pillars: methodology, technology and organization, and intervenes in five strategic areas: Critical Infrastructure, Automotive, Smart farming, Chemical Defense and Integrated Response.

Macnil and the focus on the Automotive Sector

Within Secure Safe Apulia, Macnil focuses its efforts on improving the security of infrastructures and connected systems in the automotive sector. Cybersecurity in the automotive industry is a crucial challenge, as connected vehicles and infrastructure are subject to increasing cyber threats and cyber-attacks. To face these challenges, we have developed a robust security strategy based on four main pillars, known as event collection, detection, response and prevention.

These elements combined offer a comprehensive and advanced response to protect connected vehicles and their infrastructure from potential threats, ensuring the safety and peace of mind of drivers and users.

Secure Safe Apulia represents an important step forward in ensuring and achieving the resilience of society in an era where cyber security is a top priority. Thanks to the synergistic collaboration between companies, academic institutions and the support of the Puglia Region, the project is helping to build a safer and more secure future for the automotive sector and beyond.

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Solar Panels

In the project of the new headquarters, we made a conscious and important decision for the future of the company and the environment: we implemented a system of 1400 m2 of photovoltaic panels.

An eco-sustainable choice allows us to achieve a good level of energy independence and to play an active part in the promotion of the environmental sustainability.

Photovoltaic panels generate up to 200kWp of clean energy, reducing harmful emissions and environmental impact.

We strongly believe in the balance between technological innovation and environmental responsibility, and for this reason we have chosen to be a cutting-edge technological hub, committed to finding sustainable solutions for a better future.

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