Among the “sharks” Shark Tank: Mariarita Constanza, CTO Macnil Zucchetti Group


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Start your engines, because it is indeed the ideas coming for the first time in Italy for SHARK TANK, the first business broadcast already famous around the world.
Scheduled departure on the May 21st  in prime time on ItaliaUno broadcast. Starring five Shark, or sharks, literally hungry for promising business! Five great Italian entrepreneurs are ready to do anything to bring home the deal of the century.
On the other side of the fence young entrepreneurs, startupper, inventors seeking funding to implement the project on which they have invested time, money, hopes. But who are these five bargain hunters? Fabio Cannavale creator and president of Bravofly, Luciano Bonetti President of Foppapedretti, Gianluca Dettori, President of dpixel, Giampietro Vigorelli, advertising; The only woman in the group the Apulian Mariarita Costanza, technical director of Macnil Zucchetti Group company founded with the life partner Nicola Lavenuta in 1999, today leader in information technology, electronics and telecommunications.
A technology company in an historically agricultural area: The Macnil, in fact, is housed in a white palace in the center of Gravina in Puglia, Mariarita hometown. It is a young company made by young people.
Inside there is an air of enthusiasm and vitality.
But what is the path Mariarita Costanza? After studying classics, against all odds, Mariarita he joined the faculty of electrical engineering at the Polytechnic of Bari.
After graduation the usual crossroads common to young South: leave or stay? Leave Gravina, agricultural reality where an electrical engineer risked find little space or accept this challenge so great? The love for the land and wins despite the huge environmental and economic difficulties born Macnil. Thanks to the determination, the honest and initiative that distinguishes this winning pair. Mariarita and Nicola, MacNil.
The very name there lies the secret of success. << The biggest challenge has been to remain in our land. I hope that one day my children will have the courage to take risks as I did and achieve something important in our area. >> The success story of Mariarita Costanza is an example for all     << difficulties there have been and there are but we must always look ahead and aim the lens. You must not ever lose heart >>.
And now he has the opportunity to be able to help young entrepreneurs with the same desire to succeed in the panorama of Italian business. Exactly like her. << I see myself in the very young startupper because until a few years ago I was in their position. I’ll be a shark sighted: I will not look just the idea or the project but also the person behind it. I will try to understand what we believe, what sacrifices they made and how they intend to invest in the project. Remember that nothing is impossible unless you do not think that it is. >> Word Shark!

Claudia Caradonna

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Solar Panels

In the project of the new headquarters, we made a conscious and important decision for the future of the company and the environment: we implemented a system of 1400 m2 of photovoltaic panels.

An eco-sustainable choice allows us to achieve a good level of energy independence and to play an active part in the promotion of the environmental sustainability.

Photovoltaic panels generate up to 200kWp of clean energy, reducing harmful emissions and environmental impact.

We strongly believe in the balance between technological innovation and environmental responsibility, and for this reason we have chosen to be a cutting-edge technological hub, committed to finding sustainable solutions for a better future.

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