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It’s the Preview of the next TTG Rimini Exhibition: a new platform dedicated to travel agencies and tour operators, who can create and manage a fully autonomous mobile marketing campaigns for customer loyalty.

Zucchetti System, in collaboration Macnil, which joined by last July the Zucchetti group, will present at its stand in the TTG Rimini (Pad. A3 – Lane 3 – Stand 096), a new mobile platform to support marketing campaigns via smartphone .

Called ZSmsClick, the mobile platform is not limited to sending promotional SMS, explain the makers of the product, but allows, through a dedicated web interface, choose and configure an unlimited number of Mobile Landing Page.

The operator can therefore ZSmsClick connect to and manage mobile marketing campaigns to reach customers through the massive text messages, either individually or simultaneously, without the need to install any software.

The solution allows you to customize graphics and sender of the message. Other functions make it easy to import and export the contact list, organizing contacts into groups for sending, sending programming, read receipt and delivery receipt of the SMS.

Through Mobile Analytics, the tool provides accurate measurements on the marketing return on investment. Marco Montagni, head of product lines for the tourism sector, shows that ZSmsClick is integrated with the suite eAgency and highlights the strengths, as they are shown below:

increasing traditional revenues thanks to the sales generated by marketing campaigns via SMS;
generating new revenues: through the pages of shopping directly from the mobile the agency has the ability to leverage the technology of Mobile Payment (PayPal, Credit Cards) by creating SMS campaigns that drive the customer to purchase the product / service directly with your smartphone;
innovating through the use of the platform, the agency / TO concurs with the most innovative technological standards;
increasing loyalty and reward customers: having the ability to associate Coupon premiums / discounts inside of the proposals submitted.

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In the project of the new headquarters, we made a conscious and important decision for the future of the company and the environment: we implemented a system of 1400 m2 of photovoltaic panels.

An eco-sustainable choice allows us to achieve a good level of energy independence and to play an active part in the promotion of the environmental sustainability.

Photovoltaic panels generate up to 200kWp of clean energy, reducing harmful emissions and environmental impact.

We strongly believe in the balance between technological innovation and environmental responsibility, and for this reason we have chosen to be a cutting-edge technological hub, committed to finding sustainable solutions for a better future.

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