Nicola Lavenuta, ceo Macnil-GT Alarm, sale in cattedra all’Università di Bari


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Venerdì 7 aprile Macnil Zucchetti sarà una delle best practice all’interno del Master in Digital Marketing organizzato dall’Università di Bari.
A presentare le soluzioni più innovative nell’ambito del digital e mobile marketing sarà il ceo Nicola Lavenuta.

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Solar Panels

In the project of the new headquarters, we made a conscious and important decision for the future of the company and the environment: we implemented a system of 1400 m2 of photovoltaic panels.

An eco-sustainable choice allows us to achieve a good level of energy independence and to play an active part in the promotion of the environmental sustainability.

Photovoltaic panels generate up to 200kWp of clean energy, reducing harmful emissions and environmental impact.

We strongly believe in the balance between technological innovation and environmental responsibility, and for this reason we have chosen to be a cutting-edge technological hub, committed to finding sustainable solutions for a better future.

Popup Building Pannelli Fotovoltaici EN