Final Budget for Shark Tank: 4.3 million euro to 20 startups


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In the broadcast Italia 1, born to finance innovative ideas, yesterday in its third and final episode, there have been twists: the refusal of one million euro by a startupper the “no” of investors in startups already known and appreciated . Good audience, success on social

Over 4.3 million euro invested in 20 start-ups and business ideas in just three episodes: it is the outcome of Shark Tank, international format broadcast in prime time on Italia 1 that saw five investors, precisely the “sharks”, bet their money on entrepreneurial innovation.

The program closed its doors yesterday at the third episode with a positive balance, not only in terms of funding, also audience. The transmission that led to the first time the startup to the forefront of Italian television programming concluded with 1,059,000 viewers and 5:49% share (7.32% on active public). Shark Tank in the first episode was followed by 1,382,000 viewers, with 6:39% share, in the second by 1.127 million viewers, with a share of 5.66% (7.40% in the commercial target). The public, as we see, went slowly to wane, partly because of the entrance in the good season that sees fewer and fewer people in front of TV sets. But all in all these numbers are very good for the broadcaster Mediaset.

The three episodes have been strong especially on younger: 14% share between aged 15-24 and 13:23% share of the target people aged 15-34. The climax was reached in the audience between 20-24 year olds, where the program has reached the 18.5% share. Excellent feedback on social: 30,000 tweets by the official hashtag #SharkTankIT that every week has dominated the ranking of the most discussed topics of the evening.

Shark Tank was a unique example of the Italian television, allowing funding of over EUR 4.3 million in 20 new ideas and start-ups. In the first episode the five Shark – Fabio Cannavale, Mariarita Costanza, Luciano Bonetti, Gianluca Dettori and Gianpietro Vigorelli (three businessmen, a venture capitalist and a publicist) – have invested 1.7 million Euros in Polentone (polenta take away), IPPS , a parking sensor portable Calihotplate, flat dual-use,, startup that offers “caskets pampering” to moms stressed, Corn Corvino, a type of corn is unique in the world, Airlite, paint innovative pollution.

In the second we were guaranteed over 1.35 trillion of funds. In particular we have been invested 500,000 euro of Flowerssori (furniture designed ergonomics and the senses of the child), 300,000 euro of Dis (to create custom shoes by choosing model, color and leather and engrave your name), 200,000 euro on Sinba (app that allows you to pay via mobile phone photographing the barcode), 250 thousand euro for LimVtouch, digital whiteboard, 85 thousand euro for “If the paintings could talk” and 20 thousand for Wishbag.

Last episode 8 projects were funded for a total investment of 1,320,000 euro. Among the projects, 250 thousand euro for Shuttle Bike, bicycle walking on water, 140,000 euro perKeybee (the first keyboard for touchscreen devices), 50,000 euro for Ortocubo (a greenhouse aeroponics cultivated with self-managed system hardware for the different stages of growth) and 200,000 euro for Whazzo (the first free app, which contains in a single platform, the entire universe of events in the city: cinema, concerts, sports, theater, exhibitions, museums, nightclubs). Funds for Pelty, speaker powered by a candle, and Dj Overset, holographic platform for discos, Witwater, automatic water dispenser, Geniusom, compactor for recycling. Do not have it done instead Gnammo, platform social eating today said its on EconomyUp.

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