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Macnil Zucchetti acquisisce GT Alarm

Zucchetti Group, is a first tier Italian software house in Europe, strengthens its position in the automotive sector by choosing the quality of Getronic, the leading Italian manufacturer of security systems for vehicles, homes and offices. Thanks the know-how of Macnil (IoT business Unit within Zucchetti Group), aims to become the leader for vehicle and home safety in Italy and Europe.

With 25 years of experience in the production of protective and safety systems for cars, homes and offices, the Italian company Getronic, leader in the automotive sector and partner of the world’s major automakers, has been part of the Zucchetti Group.

Getronic was born in 1990, in Gavirate (Varese – Lombardy – Italy), and it has been appreciated in Italy and abroad through its historic brands: GT Auto Alarm, GT Sat System, GT and GT Moto Alarm Casa Alarm. The Getronic production is entirely made in Italy, where it employs about 30 workers, and whose market includes more than 40,000 end customers.

With the aim of expanding its range of solutions and succeed simultaneously in four distinct strategic markets – GPS satellite alarms for cars and corporate vehicle fleets, black box for insurance companies, parking system and domestic car alarms – Zucchetti Group acquired the majority of Getronic equity.

In order to climb the top of the automotive market, Zucchetti together with the tech know-how and innovative vision of Macnil (Apulia based IT company) already part of the Group, which is concentrated on Internet of Things and management of connected vehicles.


“Our goal is to continue to grow and innovate, and thanks to this important investment we can play a decisive role in a booming industry with great potential such as the safety and protection of motor vehicles”, says Alessandro Zucchetti, president of Zucchetti Group. “The common points of our Group and GT Alarm are the great solutions reliability and the constant attention to the customer: this makes us even more delighted thanks to the acquisition, which gives us hope for the future. The centrality of the customer is a foundational principle of the Zucchetti Group’s strategy, which consists in the search for new products and services that increase the competitiveness of the Zucchetti customer through new and more advanced solutions that integrate existing ones”.

Also the president and founder of Getronic, Danilo Restelli, is very satisfied about the operation: “Among many players we have firmly chosen Zucchetti, because among their core values is the guarantee of autonomy and continuity of our business management. The experience and the technologies that we are going to offer joining Zucchetti Group will make us more competitive and stronger in the market”.

To best meet the needs of the automotive market complexity and constantly evolving, where telematics will be an important piece of on board equipment, starting with the new European remote control system called “eCall”, the experience and the tech of Macnil, with its wide range of open and scalable solutions for IoT, can easily integrate the provision of electronic alarm systems of Getronic satellite tracking systems, even through a central operations.
Technology entirely “made in Italy” also designed for home security and the workplace: Getronic offers specific alarm systems for the protection of apartments, houses, villas, offices and businesses. These solutions are equipped with wireless (wireless sensors) easy to install and include several security lines.

“Thanks to the input of Getronic in Zucchetti Group we will be able to offer the best available solutions on the market in the vehicle security segment, and become the main player for homes and offices safety, with the reliability of the largest Italian IT company” says Nicola Lavenuta, CEO and cofounder of Macnil with Mariarita Costanza, Macnil CTO and expert in digital innovation. “Italy is one of the world’s countries with more vehicle black boxes installed on board (about 3 million) – continued Nicola Lavenuta – this outcome advantages both insurance companies who use our devices for anti-fraud purposes, and drivers rewarded with important discounts on vehicle (fire and theft) insurance and innovative services for the management of vehicle maintenance. Finally, our new 2.0 GT black box generations are equipped with a safety camera warning, tutors and t-red which indicates the speed limit and allows the driver a more relaxed driving with less infractions and accidents”.

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Durante la progettazione della nuova sede è stata presa una decisione consapevole e importante per il futuro dell’azienda e dell’ambiente: abbiamo implementato un sistema di 1400 m2 di pannelli fotovoltaici. Una scelta ecosostenibile ci permette di raggiungere un buon livello di indipendenza energetica e di promuovere attivamente la sostenibilità ambientale. I pannelli fotovoltaici generano fino a 200kWp di energia pulita, riducendo le emissioni nocive e l’impatto ambientale.

Crediamo fortemente nell’equilibrio tra innovazione tecnologica e responsabilità ambientale, e per questo abbiamo scelto di essere un polo tecnologico all’avanguardia, impegnato nella ricerca di soluzioni sostenibili per un futuro migliore.

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