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In the first episode of the talent for startup aired yesterday jurors they have bet on 6 business realities. Public success (1.3 million, 6.39% share) and rain of comments on Twitter: “No more tronisti, well that entrepreneurs go on TV.” But someone complains: “Too many stories crap»

A million and 720 thousand euro: many are offered money to business ideas and startup (6 in all) in just over two hours from Italian entrepreneurs and investors. It happened last night at Shark Tank, international format broadcast in the early evening on Italia 1, which for the first time in our country sees protagonists on TV startups, even if the magic word is hardly ever mentioned, probably because, in some cases, it comes to business ideas still at the embryonic stage.

The figure is remarkable, especially when you consider the lack of venture capital circulating in Italy that regularly complain about the main actors of the ecosystem. Someone, on the social and on the Net, they are asked if they were “real money or Monopoly.” Real money, ensure by Mediaset, while specifying that, precisely because it is a real interaction, after the conclusion of negotiations in all video will move into the rooms of lawyers and accountants to finalize all the details of the agreement. And of course it will go ahead only if not emerge irregularities of any kind.

It must have been the ease with which the five judges detached ideally checks to several zeros, will be their substantial credibility, have been stories, some interesting and able to inspire other aspiring entrepreneurs, some with some coloring melodramatic, some (in) voluntarily comic: the fact is that Shark Tank, format born in Japan and consolidated in the US, was followed by 1,382,000 viewers, with 6:39% share. Very positive result for a broadcaster like Italia 1 (the event was won by Velvet RaiUno with 14.3 share followed La great beauty on Channel 5 with 9.2%). The most enthusiastic, was to be expected, they are statigiovanissimi and young: 17.35% share of the target from 15 to 24 years and 15.27% among 15-35enni. The program particularly liked the male audience between 20-24 years, with 22.1% share. And it was promptly “adopted” by the company yesterday, on Twitter, the official hashtag transmission #SharkTankIT came back in the top ten of the most discussed topics of the evening.

It all starts with … the polenta. Before jurors Fabio Cannavale, Mariarita Costanza, Luciano Bonetti, Gianluca Dettori and Gianpietro Vigorelli (three businessmen, a venture capitalist and a publicist) presents Marco Pirovano from Bergamo with its “Polenta”, a project for the distribution of polenta takeaways. Dettori gives him 50 thousand euro for the 10%. Done deal.

Unfortunately for DolyNoire, “shop and hip-hop movement” of Milano, nor for Valentina Nesci, a chemist who comes with his grandfather to sell the idea of ​​a personalized cream. Nice shot, instead, for Fabio Lettieri, who proposes IPPS, a parking sensor portable: Mariarita Costanza if contending with the other investors and wins 12% to 500 thousand euro.

Rain of jokes on social for Mirella Ariata presenting his Cat Suit Home, a small house cat to be kept in the home. “The house is larger than most of the houses to human” is one of the comments on Twitter. Unfortunately for Mrs. Mirella, pouring some tears, in the best tradition of talent. A nice not too Arnaldo and Marco Fiori, who instead believed so much in their “Perfect Love”, online dating site to find the right partner from calligraphy. “Someone tell these graphologists that, in the digital age, people 20 years he has already forgotten how to write in cursive,” is the comment of “God”, the popular Twitter profile on the Web.

They do make it instead Milena and Piergiorgio leading stage their Calihotplate, flat dual-use (you can cook but is also ready to be brought to the table): 150 thousand euro for the 25%.

It is then the turn of, startup Filomena Cutrupi offering “caskets pampering” to stressed mothers (massages, appetizers, babysitting and ironing services). The young Calabrian conquest 120 thousand euro for the 35% of its business. But its history divides the web when Filomena reveals to be suffering from multiple sclerosis. Someone asks, “when it comes Maria De Filippi to open the envelope”, others praise the courage of the young mother who goes on despite illness and wants his firm remains in Calabria. Irony abundant use of the neologism “apericoccole”.

Successful blow for Carlo Maria Recchia from Cremona, blond farmer producer of corn Corvino, a type of corn that he claims to be unique in the world. Jurors are impressed by the product but also by the nature and ambition of the boy. Awarded 150 thousand for 20% of the activity, after its bargaining on percentage.

Mist the deal for Floome, breathalyzer can measure the alcohol level through the smartphone, which also has been launched by Vodafone (startupper but not rely on it). Some doubt by Dettori that in children who go clubbing are willing to spend money on a breathalyzer, then the offer of the jurors and the counterproposal of startupper. Not accepted.

Bang for Airlite, paint innovative pollution. The two entrepreneurs are asking 750 thousand euro for 3%. Reflection of the judges, who are pulled out. All but Cannavale that with a paw feline (but it was a shark?) Accepts the deal.

Do not make White Lion (frozen protein), Mosaiq (mattresses modular) and Bollock, theft decidedly antiquated (“I wrote in my face idiot?” Is the genuine reaction Dettori).

Overall a program impress, jurors competent, polished and sharp in adequate doses, stories of varied humanity (and innovation). Even a layman, watching, can better understand why a startup can work and another not.

On social unleashed comments. For Gianmarco Carnovale, president of Rome Startup, “it is the good time that sdoganiamo enterprise among young people last. No longer tronisti and players, but entrepreneurs. ” Marco Meola, CEO and founder of Rehub (community of academic researchers and research centers): “It can be educational for a lot of experienced entrepreneurs with a lot of money that at most invest in bricks or on the stock exchange and that maybe now they will understand that there out there are hundreds of good ideas that are waiting for them. ” But then someone seems that the program is “deliberately wedged robe of crap because of good and plausible there will be 2 or 3 per episode.” Others wonder if it is a “real capitalists that offers 500k in 10 minutes” and suggest you keep an eye on the follow up of the startup, to ensure that investments are actually made.

source: EconomyUp

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