Shark Tank is coming, the broadcast where startups are under scrutiny


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Five investors on the one hand, the other would-be entrepreneurs. Objective? Convince them to finance its project. Italy on 1 May 21

More than a thousand applications received. Over two hundred specimens incurred. More than three million Euros already invested. Italy 1 arrives on Shark Tank, the program dedicated to innovation. Five entrepreneurs will select the best startups to be funded. And after the undertaking given before the cameras, they will enter directly in the capital, paying out of their pocket, subscribed. The pitch landed well in the early evening, with sharks ready to bite prey finest. Light years away from the previous intersections between business and tv as The Apprentice with Flavio Briatore, Shark Tank draws on Dragons’ Den, a program dedicated to Japanese companies looking for financing. And since the first episode of the show, we will see just the same show.

From Thursday, May the 21st on Italy 1, we will see the founders of startups present their ideas to viewers and entrepreneurs. At the end of the pitch presentation, the founder will clarify their economic demand, justifying the investments to be completed to develop the product. It will air as a real competition among startupper, determined to prove the value of their company, and the five sharks, resolved in favor only investment potentially more profitable for their businesses. “It’s very difficult to invest in startups, it is easier to lose money,” reasoning explains Luciano Bonetti, president of Foppapedretti and between five Shark Program. “Evaluate seventy companies in nine days is, however, a great opportunity for us. Each will make an offer, and we will enter the capital of the company, “thinks Fabio Cannavale, Chairman of Among other sharks to keep them company at the poolside there will also Mariarita Costanza (founder Macnil, Zucchetti Group), Gianpietro Vigorelli (advertising) and Gianluca Dettori (President dpixel).

Five sharks, for dozens of startups ready to present their projects and satisfy the appetites of the Shark. “We ask 200 thousand euro for the 20% of the company,” including requests to arrive Shark. “I offer 150 thousand euro for the 30%”, however, some of the offers made to companies, together with a more laconic “I’m out” ritual formula for outstanding projects less attractive. Then the ball goes to the startup, which must decide whether to open the doors of their business to new members, is allowed to invest on their own and in partnership with the other sharks. So far fourteen of startups that have received funding, three were participated by all the Shark, with the asking equally divided between the five entrepreneurs. In the two special broadcast on Thursday 21 and 28 May will see the 70th pitch of about 7 minutes each, with which the startup will attempt to present themselves to the public and investors.

Of the dozens of recorded presentations, each seven minutes, most will cover the technology sector and the food. But in the production Mediaset and Toro there will startup fashion, home automation, sport and design. Only 23% of the projects come from the south, while the north to confirm land with strong business (55%). If the average age of the candidates is 35 years, Shark Tank parade also startupper 18years. Only one project out of four, however, was presented by a woman. Expressiveness, comprehensibility of product innovation and originality were the main parameters for the selection of the startup, please contact directly from the production, as candidates independently, or through the reporting of incubators and accelerators. Aired on ABC from 2009, in the US Shark Tank it is now in its fifth season, reaching an average of more than 8 million viewers. Currently it is produced in more than 20 countries, including the UK (11 seasons on the BBC), Australia and Canada, where it is now in its eighth season. In Italy one of the new neo director Laura Casarotto, however, are planned for now only two episodes of the show. The only television program in which the prey, for once, can not wait to get bite by sharks.


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